Service Now Available By Teleconference

Although it is generally preferable for psychotherapy to occur in a face-to-face situation, we recognize that coming to our office may not always be feasible due to busy schedules, lack of transportation, or distance from our office.

To accommodate the needs of individuals in these situations, Dr. Morrell-Bellai is now offering psychotherapy sessions by teleconference. The program that she is using, Medeo, utilizes a high level of encryption (which meets Canadian privacy legislation requirements) and Canadian based servers.

Individuals interested in participating in psychotherapy by teleconference with Dr. Morrell-Bellai will be required to attend an initial face-to-face session. In the event that this is not possible, a referral will be required from a Family Physician, Psychiatrist or Psychologist stating that the potential client is a suitable candidate for psychotherapy by teleconference.

In addition, in the event of a decline in the client’s mental health, the referring professional must agree to be available to provide support. Alternatively, the client must agree to attend face-to-face appointments until they are stabilized or go to the nearest hospital emergency department to be assessed.



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